What is Boudoir?

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Boudoir photography is sensual images of womxn that capture a womxn’s confidence and sexuality. You can wear as much or as little as you are comfortable with. It's an opportunity for womxn to have a chance to celebrate who they are and what makes them beautiful. 

The word boudoir does not mean anything that has to do with photography, which is why I find myself explaining frequently. The word “boudoir” literally means a woman’s bedroom, dressing room, or sitting room. It is a private place for women only, which because of its secrecy holds a mysterious air and intimacy for the men who are not allowed. The term comes from the French word Bouder, which means to be sultry or sulky. This seems to capture the feeling of the boudoir images of today. 

When photographing my clients, I strive to capture the essence of a womxn’s beauty, confidence, and sexuality in my images. For some womxn, their sexuality is out there, bold, and powerful, while with other womxn it’s soft and understated. Most womxn have a little bit of both, so I capture both sides of that. For this reason, I ask many questions of my clients prior to the shoot, and try to get to know them on a personal level.

Many womxn choose to take boudoir pictures for their significant others for wedding, anniversary, or birthday gifts. However some womxn just want to have pictures taken for themselves. But no matter the reason behind boudoir, it is a very intimate experience and I've seen the amazing things it can do for clients. 



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Will these images be shown to anyone?
  Not unless you allow it! I will never show your images to anyone, and am very discreet. However, if you would like to give me permission, I will use them on my website and for other advertising purposes. I will never use your images unless you have given me direct and explicit permission. All of the women shown on this site have given me permission to use their images.

Do I have to get naked?
  No way! We will take pictures in a state in which you are comfortable. You can be just as sexy in a formal dress, as in lingerie. I take tasteful and classy pictures, so you do not have to be any more exposed than you want to be. However, I also love to do nudes and implied nudes. Implied nude means that you look nude, but can’t see anything. This is achieved by placing hands, legs, sheets, etc in strategic ways.

Can I get naked?
  Oh absolutely!!  Tasteful nudes have become a part of at least a third of my sessions and I love showing your beauty in your most stripped down self.

Can someone come to the shoot with me?
  If you would feel more comfortable, you are welcome to bring a friend as long as they are not your significant other. Female friends always make the best cheerleaders :) Please let me know ahead of time if you plan on bringing a guest to your session.

What should I wear? 
  Lingerie is always a great option, but anything sensual will work. Just a simple bra and underwear can be just as sexy and stunning as expensive lingerie. Helping ladies pick their outfits is one of my favorite things, so just ask me! Also, check out my blog post on the subject HERE.
  I also have a client closet available!!  I always suggest folks bring a piece or two of their own, and then borrow a piece or two from me to create a great set with variety and a little bit of adventure!  Chat with me if you're interested in borrowing from the client closet!

What kind of products can I get with these pictures?
  All of my usual products are an option, but all of my Collections include a press-printed book. This is a great option because it is a bit more subtle and a great keepsake for yourself or a significant other! Prints, canvases, metal prints, and digital files are also available for purchase. 

Can I have my hair / make-up done? 
  YES!! Most of my Collections come with hair and make-up! It's an opportunity to pamper yourself and not have to worry about doing it yourself before the session; it makes a huge difference! I work with the amazing make-up artists and hair stylists at Hello Lovely, who will make sure that you look camera ready!

Do you airbrush / retouch the images? 
  Yes and no. I always clean up blemishes, and minor skin imperfections, but you are beautiful just as you are, and I want to show that off too!  I absolutely won't make you thinner or make your skin look like plastic!

WHO can do a boudoir session?
  Every single womxn or non binary femme, no matter age or body type, is welcome in my studio. Every womxn is different, and I will help you share what is absolutely gorgeous about you!

So how does this whole thing work? 
  Once you've decided that you want to do a boudoir session (yay!) and we book a date, I require a $200 deposit. Until your shoot, I'll be in contact to answer questions, help pick outfits, and calm nerves. The day of your session you'll come into the studio, you’ll get your hair and make-up done, and we'll take a few minutes to make a game plan. Then we photograph your beautiful self! After your session, I'll upload your images on a secure gallery and so you can choose your favorites. Once you've done that, I'll design your book and put it up on your gallery for your approval. I'll order, you'll pick up, and we're done!


"I did my boudoir shoot with Meghan and she was very professional and made me feel great! I was nervous about this kind of photo shoot but she is very good and will make you feel comfortable and have you do some great poses and you will forget your nerves. It was fun and I'd do it again!"


Although I was nervous at first, I am SO GLAD I did it! Meghan is fantastic and answered any questions I had every step of the way from booking to the shoot. She has excellent tips & tricks to make your shoot unique and help you feel sexy & confident. I was worried the cloudy day would affect the turnout but I worried for nothing- They turned out SO GOOD. I received my book just the other day and I know my fiancé is gonna love it!

- Chelsea

"Meghan is amazing! I decided last minute to do a session before my wedding & she was able to squeeze me in. She was very helpful putting together outfits and items that would go together. I felt completely comfortable being fun and sexy in front of the camera due to her encouraging words and helpful hints. When I got the album back, I couldn’t be happier. If you are even thinking about doing a boudoir session, don’t think any longer! Do it and book it with Spencer Studios!