I got the idea for 30th birthday nude photos when I was 25 and my first aerial coach did it. Then I moved to KC for a relationship that ended in violence when I was twenty-eight and that sealed the deal for me. In that time, I had become an aerial coach and performer myself, finding my body in the best shape of its life. My ex didn’t like my muscles as they grew but I did.  This photo shoot became a way to celebrate my freedom, my safety, and my body, as well as give a gift to Future Sam: permanent proof, in case I ever forget, of a time when life dealt me a rough hand but I took care of myself in style.

Meghan was so supportive of all I was going through and was a pro at making me feel comfortable while vulnerable. She gave great modeling cues that made me feel beautiful and created the perfect environment for sexy fun. Because it’s fun to get sexy and feel hot! It was fun all over again when I saw the photos. “Who is that? That’s a damn woman, right there!” I am still not used to seeing myself this way. I’m fierce AND soft and I didn’t know that before. Now I’m reminded every time I glimpse the photos or wear the lingerie around my apartment. 

The whole boudoir experience was more satisfying and empowering than I even thought it would be. Thank you Meghan!


I chose Meghan to do a boudoir session for me based solely off of the photos on her website. Her style is amazing and she is so wonderful to work with! And she is a fantastic lady in general -- there was so much excitement, energy, and laughter at all points of the process that you can really tell she loves what she does.  

Meghan worked hard during the whole process to get me the images I really wanted. There was never a point that I felt like she wasn't fully committed to me and my needs! She was even willing to do the photo shoot at a hotel so I could get the style of photos that I really loved. 

 Like a lot of girls I was pretty nervous before my appointment, but she really put me at ease! Her energy, excitement, and professionalism really makes you enjoy every second of the experience. There is never a moment where you feel uncomfortable or awkward. 

My absolute favorite thing about working with Meghan was how she made suggestions about my poses without telling me what to do. So I felt natural in my movements and confident in my poses. But she doesn't hold back on saying something if it will look strange in a photo... she really knows what she is doing! 

 You will love your photos at the end of it all -- it's one of those "I can't believe that's me!" moments.


I had the opportunity to have a boudoir session done when I was only 5 months postpartum. I still had the baby weight on me and to be completely honest I wasn't feeling the sexiest. I wasn't in the best shape and being a new mom I am constantly covered in something that has to do with my child. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and do a boudoir session as a gift to myself and my fiance.

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I was nervous at first that the photos might not be flattering but as soon as Meghan started taking the images and showed me some previews I knew I had nothing to worry about. She captured my best side and made me feel comfortable while taking the images. I would thoroughly encourage anyone to get a boudoir session done with Meghan. She helped me to realize that even though I am a new mom that I can still be sexy and beautiful.


Meghan was the perfect fit for my Boudoir shoot. The moment I walked into her beautiful studio I felt comfortable. I was able to chat with Meghan while my hair and makeup was being done which really made me feel amazing during my shoot! She helped me pick out outfits and gave honest feedback on what she think would look best. It also gave me time to talk with Meghan and get to know her. Meghan gave me ideas on how to pose and my photos turned out amazing. She was able to make me feel comfortable in my own skin. I'm so excited to share these with my future husband but honestly... I did the photo shoot for myself too, it was very empowering for me. Thanks Meghan!


Meghan is amazing!! She did my boudoir shoot and made me feel so confident and beautiful. From start to finish she was super professional and even was able to get a beautiful book for me to gift my husband with a super quick turnaround! I can be kind of picky about photo editing and I absolutely love Meghan’s editing style! The photos were gorgeous and timeless. I can’t wait to work with her again!


Meghan was very professional in communication leading up to the shoot, helping me feel at ease going into the event, knowing what to expect, and having no bad surprises. She made me feel very comfortable and kept things fun and easy, leading to some amazing images I still can't believe are me!